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Laser Hair Removal in Denver, CO

Denver Laser Hair Removal model

Get “En-lightened”
About Laser Hair Removal!

Human hair grows where it wants to, but not always where you like it. And in the ongoing battle between hair and you, hair may have gotten the upper hand.

It might now be time for you to even the score and then grab the lead for good with our Denver laser hair removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal uses a targeted beam of light to remove unwanted hair from almost any area of your body. This technique is both safe and effective. It keeps your hair from reproducing while avoiding damage to your skin and underlying tissues.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The treatment converts light to heat. Each section of hair is treated with a short pulse of laser energy. As the laser light is absorbed by the pigment in your hair, it turns to heat, which then damages the follicles that produce hair. This damage inhibits and can even permanently shut off future hair growth in your targeted areas.

Timing is important. Hairs must be in the “growth stage” for laser hair removal to work. By scheduling multiple treatment sessions over a period of several weeks, the laser can destroy every targeted hair in your selected area as the hairs enter the growth stage.

Denver Laser Hair Removal

Laser Technology

At Rejuvenate, we strive to deliver the best laser hair removal Denver has to offer, so we use the Syneron eMax laser hair removal system, considered by many to be the best hair removal device on the market.

This innovative technology combines laser and bipolar radiofrequency energy to destroy hair roots in two ways. This combination of technology leads to more effective permanent hair removal compared to older technologies. The Syneron eMax laser works on a wide range of hair and skin colors.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Let’s start with the best part. Wouldn’t it be great not having to shave, wax, or tweeze again, or at the least for long intervals? Laser hair removal is:

  • Precise: The laser zaps away your unwanted hair, but not your skin.
  • Quick: The laser can treat an area the size of a quarter every second.
  • Predictable: Most Denver laser hair removal patients achieve permanent hair removal in their selected areas.

Plus, this laser treatment can often eliminate ingrown hairs that irritate your skin and aggravate your mind! Athletes frequently undergo laser hair removal since hairless skin can shave precious hundredths of seconds off performance times.

Are you
a candidate for laser hair removal?

You are a good candidate if you want to eliminate hair from selected areas of your body permanently. Ideal candidates for laser hair removal have light skin and darker hair, but the procedure can treat all skin tones and types.

Denver Laser Hair Removal model

What areas of the body can be treated by laser hair removal?

Our laser hair removal treatment can treat almost every area. However, it cannot treat the area around your eyes or your eyelids. Men most frequently want to remove hair from their chest, back, legs, stomach, neck, and the area between their eyebrows (eliminating the dreaded “unibrow”). For women, the most popular hair removal procedures performed include:

  • Upper lip hair removal
  • Chin hair removal
  • Leg hair removal
  • Back hair removal
  • Arm hair removal
  • Armpit hair removal
  • Bikini laser hair removal
  • Brazilian laser hair removal

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes, when performed by a licensed provider using the latest and most precise lasers in a professional setting. Laser hair removal has not been linked to any type of cancer. Laser hair removal is the safest way to get permanent hair removal results, period.

Laser Hair Removal Denver

Will laser hair removal work
for people with blonde or red hair?

For blonde hair, it depends on the shade. The laser will not work on “bleach blonde” hair, or hair that is platinum or white. Red hair can be treated as long as there is enough pigment in the hair for the laser to work.

Are home-use lasers safe and effective?

Home-use lasers are indeed available. But no study indicates these home treatments are more effective than those performed by licensed, professional providers. And consider this: the FDA classifies these home lasers as cosmetic, rather than medical, devices.

That means the home-use lasers don’t get nearly the amount of scrutiny given to professional-grade lasers. Finally, only professional providers can assess your skin and hair types and tones, and adjust your treatment accordingly. Miscalculating on your own could lead to serious burns or eye injuries.

Choosing the right provider for your laser hair removal

Again, don’t do this at home. Lasers are not toys. We do this for a living, and our goal is always to serve you at our Denver Med Spa.

Consultation and preparation

Before your consultation, it’s best not to shave so that our laser technician can see the density and coarseness of the hair. This assessment helps determine the number of laser sessions needed to obtain your desired result.

Tell your provider if you have a history of heavy scarring or are prone to cold sore outbreaks during your consultation. If you take any blood-thinning medication or supplement, you will need to suspend use until after your laser treatment. As for preparation, stay out of the sun for four weeks prior to your treatment, and avoid tanning beds and self-tanning products.

Shave the day of your procedure. A close shave before laser hair removal is important because it helps the laser target and destroy the hair follicle, rather than the hair itself. A close shave enables the laser to travel through your hair smoothly and efficiently. Avoid waxing, plucking, or tweezing for at least three weeks before your appointment. Show up for your treatment with clean skin, devoid of makeup or sunscreen.

Denver Laser Hair Removal model

Your laser hair removal

Typically, your provider will apply a topical numbing medication to your treatment area about a half-hour before your procedure.

You and your provider will need to wear eye protection. It will also be necessary to protect the outer layers of your skin with a cold gel or cooling device. Depending on the size of your treatment area, your laser procedure could take anywhere from about 20 minutes to an hour. When your procedure has been completed, you may be given ice packs or cold water to cool down your treatment area and ease any remaining discomfort.

and aftercare

You will feel mildly sunburned for a couple of days. If your face was treated, you can wear makeup unless your skin is blistering. Wear a high-SPF sunscreen (30 or higher) going forward to help prevent temporary changes in the color of your treated skin.

Laser Hair Removal Denver

Will I need multiple treatment sessions?

Yes. Most people need 7-10 treatment sessions to “max out” their results and achieve 95-100% hair removal. The recommended number of treatment sessions varies based on hair density, thickness and color.

Denver Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Hairs will not fall out immediately after laser hair removal, but instead will shed over a period of days to weeks. You will need a series of treatments, each separated by 4-6 weeks, to make sure you target each hair during its growth cycle.

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Our team is tops in Colorado when it comes to safety and results from aesthetic procedures such as laser hair removal. Now with three locations to serve you in the Greater Denver Area, Rejuvenate Med Spa’s goal and commitment is to produce beautiful, natural-looking results every time.

If you are interested in removing unwanted hair from your body, Denver hair removal specialists at our med spa are ready to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have during a consultation. Contact us today to schedule.


You will feel a slight prick or a “snap.” But the laser produces much less discomfort than other hair removal procedures. During your treatment, a cooling spray can be used to enhance your comfort.

Laser hair removal is not instant. Approximately 10-20 percent of treated hairs will gradually fall out within three weeks of treatment. It is not necessary to pluck hairs. Let them fall out naturally. You will notice a reduction in body hair after each treatment. Each laser hair removal session builds on the results of the previous one.

Between 95 and 100 percent of patients are hair-free in treated areas after 7-10 treatment sessions. Fluctuating hormones can, in some cases, allow hair to grow back.

Reported side effects include temporary skin irritation and pigmentation changes that may be temporary or permanent. Rarely, laser hair removal has caused scarring or changes in skin texture.

Not over the tattoo area itself. The laser may misread the ink in your tattoo as hair pigment, which could result in burns. So if you are planning to have a tattoo in an area you would like hair removed, we recommend having hair removal beforehand.

Waxing is a temporary treatment, not to mention a rather uncomfortable one. On the other hand, laser hair removal is often permanent and doesn’t hurt nearly as much as waxing.

Since laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure, your insurance will likely not pay for it.

That will depend on the size and number of the areas you want to be treated and how many sessions are necessary to achieve your goals.

A recent survey by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the average cost of laser hair removal was slightly less than $400 per session.

Rejuvenate offers competitive pricing and 20 years of experience with laser hair removal so that patients can get the results they want at a reasonable price. Using the latest technology, we ensure the most effective and long-lasting hair reduction so you can enjoy many years of smooth, hairless skin. Total cost, as well as financing, can be discussed during your consultation.

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