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Kybella in Denver, CO

Kybella Denver

Cosmetic Injectable

Kybella is a cosmetic injectable, available at Rejuvenate in Denver, which reduces chin fat using a minimally invasive technique. If it sounds too good to be true, you can rest assured that Kybella really works.

According to the FDA, Kybella is proven to destroy fat cells once injected into the chin area, resulting in refined chin and jawline contours for patients with excess chin fat. A more shapely and sculpted chin is finally possible for patients struggling with double chin fat, and the best part is, there is no need for chin surgery or chin lipo if you qualify for the procedure.

How Does the Kybella Double Chin Treatment Work?

Double chin reduction is possible with a nonsurgical chin fat treatment known as Kybella. This innovative method of reducing submental chin fat achieves a more defined jawline without resorting to chin liposuction or cosmetic jawline contouring in eligible patients. Kybella injections work by using a special enzyme called deoxycholic acid that is injected directly into the chin to break down and kill fat cells naturally.

Who Performs
Your Kybella Treatment?

Unlike some other Denver medical spas that you may find when searching online for ‘Kybella near me’, the Kybella injectors at our Denver med spa are all registered nurses or physician assistants. That means we can promise a higher level of injection experience than those performed elsewhere by less senior facial injectors. For uncompromising Kybella results that stand the test of time, contact the team at Rejuvenate.

Denver Kybella

How Many Kybella Treatments are Needed to See Results?

While a single Kybella treatment at Rejuvenate delivers visible chin reduction, your dedicated facial injector may suggest more than one Kybella treatment. Double chin treatment results depend on the amount of chin fat that needs to be removed. Our experienced team creates individualized treatment plans based on how contoured and sculpted you would like your chin to appear. Clinical studies have shown that 59% of Kybella patients receive up to six treatment sessions in total. Each appointment only takes a few minutes, so it is easy and convenient for patients to complete the recommended course of treatment.

When Will I See Kybella Results?

Patients that come to Rejuvenate are excited to see the double chin removal results. However, Kybella is a fast-acting (but not instant) treatment. It takes about five to six weeks to see the results of Kybella treatment. Each Kybella treatment builds on the results of the last treatment session, so the chin contouring results get better every time you come in. The Kybella before and after results speak for themselves.

of Kybella

Kybella has impressive results when it comes to reducing chin fat non-surgically. While it targets and destroys fat cells, it is not a skin tightening treatment. For Denver Kybella patients that have both loose skin and excess chin fat, it may require a combination of treatments that can be performed together to obtain the results these patients are seeking.

For example, Kybella injections can eliminate fat cells, while a Denver skin tightening laser treatment at Rejuvenate can help the skin retract for a beautiful, more refined Kybella result. For patients with severe sagging jowls, loose skin, or ample chin fat, our aesthetic team may refer you to our board-certified Denver plastic surgeons at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery to discuss surgical treatments that may work better when the use of Kybella alone is not enough to achieve the desired level of correction. Remember, we will never suggest alternative chin reduction treatments unless they are truly in your best interest.

Kybella Denver

Options: CoolSculpting for Skin Tightening Around the Neck and Jaw

Another Kybella alternative you might consider is CoolSculpting While most people think of CoolSculpting as a way to eliminate belly fat, it can actually be used to reduce fat and sculpt the body in multiple locations — including under the neck. With CoolSculpting, you can get a more sculpted chin and jaw without any surgery or downtime. If you’ve been thinking about Kybella in Denver for the treatment of a double chin, come to Rejuvenate and we can help you decide whether CoolSculpting or Kybella makes more sense for your particular situation.

Denver Kybella

After Kybella

Recovery after Kybella treatment is fast and easy. There is no downtime, nor is there anything you need to do following the treatment. Patients can return to work and daily activities immediately after leaving the appointment. This makes it an attractive alternative to more invasive procedures such as chin liposuction or jawline contouring surgery, for qualified candidates.

Call Now to Get Rid of Double Chin Fat With Kybella in Denver

At Rejuvenate we strive to deliver the best Kybella Denver has to offer, and our experienced Kybella injectors rely on 20 years of experience administering minimally invasive cosmetic solutions that can improve and define your chin and jawline without surgery. Conveniently located in downtown Cherry Creek in Denver with a second location just off 6th Avenue West in Golden, Colorado, we serve women and men that wish to enhance their appearance while maintaining a natural look. At Rejuvenate, you’ll look just like yourself…only better. To learn more about Denver Kybella injections, contact our team for a private consultation today.

Experience Rejuvenate MedSpa in Colorado Springs!

We pride ourselves on being a patient-centered MedSpa. That’s why Rejuvenate has now opened a third MedSpa in Colorado Springs to better serve your needs! Rejuvenate MedSpa Colorado Springs currently offers many of the same high quality treatments you would find at our Cherry Creek or Golden locations, including injectables like Botox.

Colorado Springs patients interested in receiving services closer to them can contact us today for a full list of available procedures at our new location. These services will expand over time as our practice continues to grow to serve you better. We look forward to rejuvenating your skin and body at our three Rejuvenate MedSpa locations!

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