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IPL Laser in Denver, CO

IPL laser Denver


After a certain age, virtually everyone has skin irregularities. These range from wrinkles to age spots to broken capillaries, along with a host of other conditions. Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy can alleviate many of these issues and revitalize your complexion.

Also known as a photofacial, IPL laser is a non-ablative method of correcting skin problems. That means it can heat the skin’s underlying tissue without harming the top layer.

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What is IPL Laser?

IPL laser is a device using an intense, heated beam of light in multiple wavelengths to stimulate skin regeneration.

How do I know
if IPL Laser is right for me?

If you want to turn back the hands of time or rid yourself of an unwanted skin concern without surgery, consider IPL Laser.

IPL can soften the appearance of:

  • Acne
  • Birthmarks
  • Freckles
  • Scars
  • Tattoos
  • Unwanted hair
  • Varicose veins
  • Wrinkles

In many cases, IPL eliminates the undesirable skin situation entirely.

Denver IPL laser

Am I a Good Candidate for IPL Laser?

Most patients are good candidates for IPL. Pregnant women should wait until after delivery. Those with an active sunburn must wait for it to heal before undergoing IPL. There are other contraindications. These include:

  • Active infection
  • Epilepsy
  • Eczema or dermatitis in the treatment area
  • Herpes in the treatment area
  • Use of photo-sensitive medication

Any patients taking the acne drug Accutane must wait at least six months from the last treatment before undergoing IPL.

IPL laser works better on light-colored skin. Those with darker skin may find favorable results with laser therapy.

The IPL Laser Procedure

Two weeks prior to the procedure, Denver IPL laser patients must avoid sunbathing or the use of tanning beds. Do not undergo chemical peels or any waxing. Do not take aspirin or any other medication or supplement that could increase bleeding risk. On the day of IPL treatment, do not wear deodorant, perfume or lotions that could irritate the area.

An anesthetic gel or lotion is placed on the treatment area. Using a handheld IPL device, the doctor passes the light beam over the target area. No other therapies, such as injections, are performed.

Several sessions, spaced about four weeks apart, are needed. The number of sessions may range from three to six or more. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area and purpose.

IPL Laser

IPL laser requires minimal recovery. Some people may experience a slight stinging sensation for a few hours post-treatment. The area may remain red for six to eight hours. Expect mild swelling for a day or two. Cold packs offer relief.

Wait 24 hours before applying makeup to the treatment area. Use moisturizing lotion at least twice daily. The doctor will tell you how long to do so. Do not take a hot bath or shower for 48 hours. Taking a lukewarm bath or shower is fine.

Aftercare will depend on what was done. For instance, patients undergoing unwanted hair removal may find the skin becoming spotty for several days from hair follicle heat absorption. The doctor provides specific recommendations based on the procedure.

IPL laser Denver

IPL Laser Results

The results of IPL laser are not immediate. They appear gradually, over a span of several weeks. Over time, you should notice improved skin texture and the reduction or eradication of your problem.

Denver IPL laser

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IPL Laser FAQs

IPL laser does not usually hurt. The pulses are often compared to being snapped by a rubber band.

IPL laser is a safe treatment, but risks always exist. Besides possible swelling, bleeding or infection, scarring may occur.

The cost of IPL ranges between $700 and $1,200. Much depends on the reason for treatment and the size of the treatment area.

Since it is a cosmetic procedure, insurance does not cover IPL.

The two therapies are similar. IPL is less focused than laser treatment. Because it penetrates to the skin’s second layer without harming the top layer, IPL is less likely to cause skin damage.

While less likely to burn skin, IPL usually requires more treatment sessions than laser therapy.

There is no downtime with IPL. Patients can go back to work or home after their sessions.

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