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CoolTone in Denver, CO

Cooltone Denver

Improved Tone

You’ve worked hard to get fit, but what if your muscles lack the tone and definition you want? The answer might be CoolTone™.

This non-surgical body contouring procedure is FDA approved to visibly improve muscle tone in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. When you have shapely, sculpted muscles, there is nothing you can’t accomplish in life.

How Does CoolTone Work?

CoolTone isolates and tones muscles to noticeably improve upon the results you’ve achieved in the gym. CoolTone focuses on strengthening muscle fibers, not getting rid of fat. Developed by the makers of CoolSculpting®, considered one of the world’s leading cryolipolysis technologies, CoolTone works by stimulating muscle contractions using magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology.

For example, instead of doing 50 sit-ups the old-fashioned way, CoolTone’s electromagnetic energy equates to doing nearly 25,000 sit-ups in a 30-minute session. Muscle fibers strengthen noticeably, so you’ll look stronger with better muscle definition. CoolTone works on the abdominal area, buttocks, and thighs so you can reduce time spent in the gym, without sacrificing muscle definition.

What Is The
CoolTone Treatment Like?

The CoolTone procedure starts with the patient lying down in our comfortable treatment rooms. Paddles are applied to the target area that you wish to appear firmer and more toned (abdomen, buttocks, or thighs). When the device is powered on, magnetic energy bypasses the skin and fat layer to trigger brief, involuntary muscle contractions. Since the device does all the work for you, there is no discomfort or strain like you would feel from doing ordinary workouts. The total treatment time is just 30 minutes.

Denver Cooltone

Is There Any CoolTone Downtime?

After CoolTone, you can resume most daily activities as there is no downtime. It’s normal to feel sore after CoolTone, similar to how you would feel after an intensive workout. CoolTone recovery has few restrictions, but it is best to drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps to flush lactic acid buildup in muscles after exercise. This relieves post-treatment discomfort.

How Many CoolTone Treatments Do I Need?

Many of our Denver-area patients enjoy an active lifestyle. CoolTone is a natural fit for people that like to look fit, toned, and healthy. A single CoolTone muscle enhancement delivers noticeable results. In order to see the best CoolTone results, we recommend a minimum of 4 treatments performed over a 2 week period. CoolTone may be repeated as desired to complement your fitness results in the gym. It’s arguably the fastest way to improve muscle tone and definition, without lifting a finger.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From CoolTone?

Results after CoolTone take time to become visible. Most Denver CoolTone patients start seeing noticeable CoolTone results in just 2 to 4 weeks. Full results are visible after completing the full series of treatment sessions recommended. Four sessions are generally recommended, with sessions spaced one month apart (see above).

How Long Do
CoolTone Results Last?

Similar to strengthening muscles with exercise, the CoolTone results will remain as long as you continue to keep up your hard work in the gym. Weight gain and prolonged periods of inactivity can cause muscle weakening over time, resulting in muscles that appear less defined.

Most patients that get CoolTone are committed to staying fit, which is exactly what leads them to try CoolTone in the first place. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is the best way to keep those muscles looking toned and firm long term. You can also maintain your CoolTone results by coming in for additional treatments at any time.

Cooltone Denver
Denver Cooltone

Who Is a
Good Candidate For CoolTone?

CoolTone works best for patients that have existing musculature that they wish to enhance. It is popular among men and women alike that want to appear more chiseled and defined. For people that wish to reduce body fat, other means are needed to achieve fat reduction.

CoolTone is not a substitute for regular diet and exercise. Men and women that have difficulty getting rid of stubborn fat pockets despite a healthy lifestyle may benefit from CoolSculpting (noninvasive fat freezing), in addition to CoolTone to tone muscles, after the fat cells are destroyed. Fat reduction and loose skin removal help to reveal underlying muscles, while CoolTone helps make those muscles look sculpted and toned. CoolTone improves muscle definition, but it won’t tighten loose skin. Skin tightening procedures may be an option for those that need excess skin removal. And for patients that are considering body contouring surgery, we can refer you to our team of in-house board-certified Denver plastic surgeons.

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CoolTone in Denver is now available at Rejuvenate med spa, with locations in Cherry Creek and Golden, Colorado. We strive to deliver the best CoolTone Denver has to offer. To learn which procedure(s) are right for you, please book a consultation with the experienced face and body specialists at either of our Rejuvenate Denver Med Spas. Together, we’ll come up with a plan that fits your budget, tolerance for downtime, and aesthetic goals using your choice of surgical or nonsurgical body contouring procedures, such as CoolTone.

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