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SKINVIVE in Denver, CO

Introducing Juvéderm SKINVIVE, the Latest Minimally Invasive Microdroplet Injectable for Smoother Cheeks

SKINVIVE by Juvéderm is a first-of-its-kind microdroplet injectable recently cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for smoother-looking cheeks. SKINVIVE, specially formulated to enhance skin quality, increases hydration for a glass-smooth complexion with a healthy, luminous glow. At Rejuvenate MedSpa in Denver, our highly skilled injectors have seen the glow-giving effects of this treatment firsthand, and we are thrilled to add it to our roster of minimally invasive aesthetic services.


The makers of SKINVIVE have formulated a lasting way to smooth and hydrate the cheeks—one of the first areas to display the effects of aging. Often referred to as a skin booster, SKINVIVE contains a hyaluronic-acid microdroplet with a more fluid consistency than dermal fillers, allowing it to diffuse evenly across the cheeks where it ramps up hydration for dewy, youthful, smooth cheeks without projection, as you would with traditional Juvéderm fillers.

Other Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Unlike dermal fillers used by patients in Denver SKINVIVE enhances skin quality, dials up radiance, and improves minor textural issues such as fine lines—without adding volume or enhancing the facial features. The effects are subtler yet noticeable, typically lasting about six months before needing a touch-up.

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The delicate skin of our cheeks is prone to signs of aging, whether it be a lack of radiance, dehydration, or fine wrinkles. Our Denver SKINVIVE microdroplet injections are arguably one of the most long-lasting and highly effective ways to boost hydration and make cheeks look smooth and radiant for up to half a year.

SKINVIVE Candidates

This treatment is excellent for prejuvenation, treating dull or lackluster skin, and smoothing initial signs of aging, such as fine lines. Patients with deep wrinkles, volume loss, or sagging may benefit more from traditional dermal fillers. If you are pregnant, nursing, allergic to lidocaine, or have compromised skin health, this treatment might not be the right fit. Rest assured, our practitioners will help you choose the ideal services for your needs, even if aesthetic injections are not the best option.

Preparing for Your SKINVIVE Injections

If you are a candidate for SKINVIVE Denver nurses or PA injectors will ask you to avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements starting a few days beforehand. Other than that, there is no special preparation needed before this treatment. You can even receive your hyaluronic-acid microdroplet injections the same day as most other in-office treatments.


Our Denver SKINVIVE procedure is minimally invasive and takes less than an hour. You should only feel a few quick pinches. The treatment contains lidocaine, a temporary numbing agent, making the process virtually painless.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

This treatment results in instantly smoother-looking cheeks and comes with no downtime. After a treatment with SKINVIVE Denver patients are free to return to work and social activities immediately. Any mild redness and swelling typically resolve within an hour or two and can be mitigated with cold packs. Please avoid alcohol, vigorous exercise, and medications as directed by your injector. You can repeat this treatment once the effects wear off, approximately six months later.

Why choose
Rejuvenate Med Spa?

For over 20 years, Denver patients have trusted Rejuvenate Med Spa for uncompromising aesthetic results. We offer non-surgical and surgical cosmetic services, helmed by two of the most prestigious board-certified Denver plastic surgeons. In keeping with our mission to bring the highest standard of patient care and natural-looking results, we only allow RN and PA injectors that have completed comprehensive training in the safest injection techniques to perform these treatments.

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We invite you to learn more about what SKINVIVE in Denver can do for you. Call our Cherry Creek office at (303) 951-2102 or our Golden, CO, location at (303) 279-6100 to arrange your private consultation.


SKINVIVE is a nearly painless experience. The injections take minutes to perform and contain local anesthetic for total comfort. There is no downtime, and you will be able to drive yourself home afterward.

As a minimally invasive injectable procedure, this treatment has a high safety profile. Risks are possible but unlikely in the hands of a skilled PA or nurse aesthetic injector.

This treatment provides lasting improvement to the targeted area for half a year on average. Clinical trials have shown it can last up to nine months in some individuals.

This treatment works well as an accompaniment to other aesthetic services, both surgical and non-surgical.

The cost of SKINVIVE depends on several factors. During your consultation, our injectors will assess your skin and determine how much of the treatment is appropriate for you. From there, you will receive a price quote.

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