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Botox: A Beginners Guide Rejuvenate MedSpa Denver

Will getting Botox hurt? Will I look frozen? When will it wear off? How much does it cost? All of these questions will inevitably run through your mind when you're contemplating your first treatment. When considering beginning Botox treatments, there are many important things to keep in mind. Here's a guide from our Denver Medical Spa to help you on your way to receiving your first Botox treatment!

How to Select your Botox Provider

When looking for someone to administer your Botox treatments, it's vitally important that you do your research! Yes, those specials and deals can be very appealing and, of course, saving money is important. However, saving money is NOT more important than your health or your face! You'll thank yourself in the future when you choose an experienced and talented injector to perform your Botox treatments.

What to look for in a provider:

  1. Search for a facility that has a good reputation. Look at ratings, look at the company website, check if doctors back the practice. Make sure the practice has a good reputation. Bonus: the practice is also associated with a plastic surgeon (they know aesthetics AND medicine)!
  2. Make sure your injector is a registered nurse or PA and has had extensive training in the aesthetics world.

What to discuss during your consultation:

  1. Make sure you understand the risks associated with Botox treatments
  2. Communicate your aesthetic expectations with your provider
  3. Discuss your budget and expectations
  4. Ask your provider to explain what to expect in the days after your treatment

Make sure you're getting the best value for your treatment.

Always check Alle! Alle is an app developed by Allergan (developer of Botox Cosmetic) that helps you collect points on every treatment! Alle has some pretty awesome promotions, and they frequently offer coupons and discounts that you can receive no matter where you get your botox treatments. Sometimes, there are benefits to getting Botox combined with a filler treatment.

Will Getting Botox hurt?

The fear of needles is very common. However, the needle used to administer Botox is very tiny (.312 mm) - smaller than the needle used to administer a vaccination!

Although it can be intimidating to have a needle heading towards your face, the feeling you get from the injection is no more painful than a tiny sting. Experienced providers who administer Botox have injected new patients so many times that they know how to help you cope with the anxiety of the injection. Frequently, you'll notice your provider tapping another area of your face to distract your nerves from the pin pricks, which helps especially with first-time anxieties.

What will Botox feel like immediately after?

Botox can take up to 10 days to set in. Most likely, you'll go about your day feeling completely normal. Immediately after your injections, you may have little swollen bumps that appear like small mosquito bites at the injection sites. These will go away after an hour or less. When your Botox begins to set in, some people describe it as a “heavy” feeling on their forehead. Your muscles are flattening and relaxing, so you may feel this way because you're used to raising your eyebrows while you're at rest. Botox retrains these muscles so that you do not develop deep wrinkles while you're at rest or focusing on something. Frequently, people don't notice that they're making a facial expression when they're simply at rest. Botox helps to eliminate this! The heavy feeling you experience is just your muscles relaxing into their normal resting position.

Will I look frozen?

This concern is where the factor of being very picky with your provider comes into play. An experienced injector will take into consideration that this is your first time receiving Botox and administer a minimal amount of units for the first time so they can see how you respond. Then, a couple of weeks later, you can book a follow-up appointment for your provider to see how it's setting in and touch up if you need more units.

Botox is customizable. You can receive as many or as few units as you choose. As you receive treatments, you and your provider will learn together where you'd like more or fewer units.

Botox before and after | Denver Med Spa

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When will it wear off?

Typically, you should plan to receive Botox treatments every 3 months to maintain the highest efficacy. Depending on your metabolism, how much you work out, and other physiological factors, your Botox could wear off quicker or slower than others. Some can stretch out their Botox results to 4 months or more, while others only get a good two months from full Botox efficacy. If you find your Botox wearing off exceptionally quickly, speak with your provider about potential other options.

Finally - share your thoughts about the provider and/or overall experience on Google, Yelp, RealSelf, and Facebook. If there was something you were unhappy with, always contact your provider first to make sure there are no residual issues and that they have a chance to resolve what might need addressing.

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